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Creative Futures Summer Showcase

25 Gorf 2024

A selection of bold andpowerful works put together and performed by participants of the CreativeFutures Project.

The Creative Futures Project gives people aged 11 – 19 yearsspace to express their ideas, concerns and imaginings through theatre. Focussing on issues of identity, isolation and fantasy, this showcase pullstogether works that employ the various skills and practices learned through theyear and highlights the power of theatre as a method of telling stories andshaping communities.  With improv, physical theatre, spoken word and more,expect laughter, tears and challenging ideas all delivered with courage,enthusiasm, and passion.

The Creative Futures Showcase endeavours to inspire asmany future theatre makers and story tellers as possible and help shapeexciting opportunities for local young people.  Come along and see foryourself the immense power of theatre and learn how you could be a part of it!

Pris Tocyn:

Tocynnau: £7.00

Pris Tocyn:

Tocynnau: £7.00

Borough Theatre