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Cyhoeddwyd ar:: Dydd Llun Gorffennaf 19, 2021

How are you making the event Covid safe?

 We’ve put in place systems to ensure the event complies with government guidance and for your safety. We’re following closely the guidelines and putting in place the measures that have been developed on the test events that have happened in Wales.

For example?

 We’re making sure that there is a 2m distance between parties (which should be the household bubbles as defined by Welsh government at the time of the event) and there will be a one way system on site.

Parties will be placed in a marked area (pod) of up to 6 people from your household bubble (as defined by Welsh Government on the date of the performance).

We will have hand sanitiser stations at key points on the site and you will be asked to stay in your groups.

What happens if any of us feel ill on the day or might have Covid symptoms?

You shouldn’t attend as it risks infecting others.

Can I have a refund? Details of flexible ticketing policy? Do we need proof of test?

If you are unable to attend because you or someone in your household has Covid symptoms then we will of course give you a full refund. We will take your word for it.

Why do you need so many contact details for the booker?

We need to be able to contact you in case arrangements change due to changing regulations and we also need to be able to contact you nearer the time to get your details for track and trace.

What information do you need?

Once you have booked a ticket in the usual way, we will be contacting bookers to get information about the people attending the event in their group. This information is for track and trace and will only be data will only be held for this purpose and will be stored separately to your booking information and destroyed a couple of weeks after the event when it is no longer needed.

We’ll check this information is current when you attend the event and we’ll be asking adults to have a form of ID.

Why do we ask people to bring proof of ID on the day?

Adults need to bring some proof of ID so we can confirm the details we’ve collected for track and trace purposes. 

Why are you only doing print at home or e-tickets?

Along with many events we’re reducing the paper handling for this event so you’ll be able to show the ticket on your smartphone or print it out yourself.  If you have difficulties with this then contact us before hand and we’ll be able to help you out.

Are there reserved places and seats?

This is an outdoor event and so you sit on a picnic rug or your own camping seats. we politely request sun/rain umbrellas aren’t used as they will affect other people’s viewing. You will be seated in what we call a “Pod” which is an area marked on the ground for your party that keeps you 2m from everyone else. These are allocated on the day to take in to account party size etc.

 What’s a Pod?

Pods are a marked area where your party will watch the show from. You can bring a picnic rug, or camping chairs but your party should be able to carry it and your items will need to stay in the pod to watch the performance.

Members of your party or “Pod” must be from a household bubble as defined by Welsh government on the date of the performance.

Can we bring dogs as its outside?

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed in the castle grounds.

When can I buy tickets?

Tickets are for sale online now and you’ll be able to buy in person from the Theatre on cross street from the end of next week. If you phone the box office and leave a message then a member of the team will get back to you.

Tickets will be taken off sale 2 hours before the start of the performance to allow us to prepare. We encourage customers to book well in advance though.

What happens if there’s 7 or more people in a family (one household) ?

The regulations are that we can only have a maximum of six in a pod.

Can I take my friends’ kids as part of our pod of 6?

Members of your party or “Pod” must be from a household bubble as defined by Welsh government on the date of the performance.

Can you clarify if you can have mixed households in one pod?

You can only have a household as defined by Welsh government on the date of the performance.

Can a childminder bring a group of kids?

As long as the childminder is meeting the Welsh government regulations and can confirm this in writing.

What about the weather?

The company do the show in the rain though a storm or hurricane would stop the action. We advise you to dress and prepare appropriately as its one of the unique pleasures of outdoor theatre in the welsh summer. 

 Will there be buggy storage?

No we ask you to keep your buggy with you in your Pod.

Will there be designated pods for wheelchair users?

Some of the Pods will be appropriate for wheelchair users (though the site is on grass)

Any further questions let us know and we’ll update this list as and if we need to.

Please note customers will need to abide by the measures we put in place which will include but may go beyond any Welsh or UK government regulations in place on the day of the performance