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Published on: Wednesday July 7, 2021

When will the Borough Theatre reopen?

The expectation is we will reopen in the middle of 2022 following a £1M major refurbishment programme to bring the iconic listed building up to modern day theatre standards.


Why is it taking longer than expected?

Following detailed design and survey work, which uncovered unforeseen additional costs, tenders have now been received and a funding gap of circa £750K has been identified, which has been compounded by rising construction costs caused by supply chains issues resulting from the pandemic.


So what’s happening now?


The council remains totally committed to the project and is keen to make it happen so will be investigating options to plug the funding gap over the coming period.  Discussions with tenderers has shown a build of 30 weeks as being a sensible and effective approach to our project but of course this cannot start until we have identified the funds.


What about the shows that were planned?


This will clearly push our opening back into the middle of 2022 and we appreciate that this will impact on shows that have already been moved into early 2022 and which loyal customers have patiently been holding on to their tickets for. We’ll be discussing the options with the promoters to see what shows can sensibly be moved in the calendar and if there are options for other venues in Abergavenny to host other shows.


We will then be in touch with customers to let them know their options.


How can I sponsor or donate to the theatre?


Get in touch! We’re setting up some options for individual giving and will be launching our “Name a seat” scheme soon. You’ll be able to access these through our website and Box office when it opens again at the end of July.


Is the theatre doing any events anywhere in the mean time?


We’re planning a programme of outdoor events and events in other spaces where practical and viable and these will be on sale in the usual way at our box office.