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We Need Bees - The Podcast

Spring has sprung, and all the incredible wildlife is waking up from a long cold winter, including our friend Bron the honey bee. Join her and her “buzz-tastic” guests on her new podcast as she shares her exciting adventures pollinating the wonderful world of flowers and plants.

Bron’s first guest is her old friend Bertie Bee. We meet him at the bottom of the heap of a busy beehive, spending his day pollinating bland old apples. He’d prefer to be free to pollinate wildflowers instead.

In a moment of rebellion, he leaves the hive, putting the whole colony and his best friend Bron in danger. Now Bertie has to be brave. What will happen next? Who is the mysterious Crab- Spider? Will Bertie succeed and save his friends? Find out this and more when you tune in to “We Need Bees – The Podcast.”

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