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Published on: Monday February 3, 2020

The Borough Theatre, Abergavenny is a facility provided by Monmouthshire County Council and hereinafter referred to as “The Borough Theatre

These conditions apply to all shows at The Borough Theatre. Additional conditions may apply as agreed between The Borough Theatre and a visiting management/hirer. These will be stipulated at the point of sale. We also sell tickets on behalf of others and our conditions will apply for these sales unless additional or alternative conditions are stipulated at point of sale.

1. Purchase of a ticket.

    1. By accepting your order a legally binding contract between The Borough Theatre and you is created.
    2. The contract between The Borough Theatre and you shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Welsh and English law, and the Welsh and English courts shall have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes.
    3. By placing your order you warrant that that all details you provide to us for the purpose of booking, ordering or purchasing goods or services are accurate and correct, that the credit or debit card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the ticket or service.
    4. If there are any changes to the details supplied by you it is your responsibility to inform us.
    5. All tickets are subject to availability.
    6. Ticket may not be resold by the purchaser, exchanged, nor money refunded.Only tickets purchased via our Box Office or our approved agents are valid for admission. We will cancel any ticket re-sold or offered for re-sale by the buyer for commercial gain and the ticket holder will be refused entry. We may ban any buyer if the buyer resells or offers for re-sale any ticket through a secondary ticketing facility as defined in the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
    7. The management reserves the right, in combination with any other statements or directives which may be detailed here, shown on the ticket or as displayed on the premises to:
      1. Refuse admission of the ticket holder to the premises
      2. Refuse entry of and use on the premises of any camera or any form of equipment capable of audio or video recording.
      3. Request the ticket holder to leave the premises and to take any appropriate measure to enforce such a request.
      4. Require that every member of the audience must be in possession of a valid ticket
      5. To avoid disturbing the audience and performers, to deny latecomers access to the auditorium until a moment deemed suitable by the Theatre management’s representatives. It may be possible to follow the performance on closed circuit television in the bar.
      6. Make any change whatsoever in the performance/event owing to unforeseen or unavoidable cause.
      7. To alter or vary the performance / event due to events or circumstances beyond our control without being obliged to refund monies or change tickets. We reserve the right to make cast or programme changes if necessary.  This does not affect your statutory rights
      8. Cancel or abandon the performance for reasons beyond its control without notice and without being liable to pay any person any compensation or damage whatsoever other than, at the Managements discretion, a possible percentage or maximum refund to the ticket holder of the face value of the ticket.
      9. To authorise its staff to refuse admission to the venue and reserve the right to do so if in their absolute judgement your conduct is such that it is likely to disrupt or disturb other persons attending the event.
      10. To terminate your permission to be on the premises and remove you.
    8. Altered or defaced tickets will not be valid.
    9. Confirmation of receipt of your order by e-mail, does not guarantee the ticket sale.
    10. Tickets should be checked as mistakes cannot always be rectified.
    11. We will hold reservations for a maximum of 8 days for most shows subject to the arrangements with the hirer or promoter.
    12. Ticket purchasers must check with a member of the Box Office Team to clarify the arrangements for reservations.
    13. Uncollected reservations will be released for re-sale at 9:45 on the morning of the event.

2. Information, expectation and publicity

  1. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all promotional information supplied is accurate, you are advised to take appropriate precautions to verify such information.
  2. The Borough Theatre expressly disclaims all liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage occasioned by the user’s reliance on any statements, information or advice contained in The Borough Theatre print, on the website or any other promotional material generated by the organisation.
  3. The Borough Theatre cannot guarantee that your personal expectations from a performer or a performance will be met.  This is because personal expectations and tastes are infinitely variable.  Further, The Borough Theatre cannot guarantee that you will not be offended by the language, conduct or appearance of any performer.
  4. You are advised to make enquiries at the Box Office before purchasing a ticket if you have any concerns about the nature of a performance. The Borough Theatre refund policy will apply.
  5. CHILDREN’S REDUCTIONS are offered to young people if they are still at school.  You should make no assumption that the availability of a child reduction means that you would find the show suitable for all within this category.
  6. Parents/guardians views as to what is suitable for a given age range varies considerably, you must satisfy yourself as to a show’s suitability by enquiring first at the Box Office.
  7. Not all productions may be appropriate for very young children or babies.  Please see the age guidance regarding individual productions.  If you are bringing a very young child or baby and require specific seating, please contact our Box Office for further support and guidance.
  8. We are not responsible for the content of any third party website and will not honour any discounts or other offers from third parties which are not present in its own marketing.

3. Borough Theatre refund policy

  1. The Borough Theatre values its patrons’ commitment in booking early and recognises that emergencies sometimes prevent attendance. The following two options are available
    1. Exchange
      1. Tickets may be exchanged for a credit note or any other event on sale at the time at the same price or higher (on payment of the difference). This option is not available on sold out concerts, events where the theatre has been hired or where we state an amendment to these terms and conditions for a particular event at the point of sale. A charge will be made per group of tickets resold. These charges are detailed in our charges guide.on the website and in our box office.
      2. Tickets must be received at the Box Office no later than 7 days before the original performance.
    2. Resale
      1. Alternatively, tickets will be accepted for resale on the strict understanding that The Borough Theatre tickets will be sold first and that resale cannot be guaranteed.
      2. We cannot re-sell tickets unless the originals are first returned to the Box Office. A charge will be made per group of tickets resold. These charges are detailed in our charges guide.on the website and in our box office.

4. Your visit

  1. Ticketholders with large bags may be required to leave them with our house management team for the duration of the show. Our standard cloakroom charge will apply to all left items.
  2. Any complaints regarding the show or view from the seats should be made to the House supervisor promptly, prior to or during the performance so that they can attempt to remedy the situation.
  3. Leaders of youth groups (including school parties) are responsible for the conduct of their party.  The Borough Theatre accepts no responsibility for the supervision of young people in your care.  You must ensure that adequate numbers of supervisory staff accompany the group. The group or some of them will be asked to leave the theatre if the performers or audience is disturbed.
  4. Smoking or vaping is not permitted in The Borough Theatre.
  5. Photography, Filming & Mobile Phones
    1. The Borough Theatre reserves the right for themselves or third parties to carry out general filming and sound recording in or around the building.  Purchase of a ticket signifies the holder’s consent to be photographed or sound recorded and to the commercial exploitation of such film or recording without any right to payment. Any ticket holder who objects to being photographed or recorded must advise the House supervisor before the performance begins.
    2. Your mobile phone’s ring facility must be switched off when inside the auditorium. Similarly, you must not speak into a mobile phone whilst in or near the auditorium.
    3. The making of recordings and photography, with or without flash, is strictly forbidden. If there has been explicit instruction that it is welcome and appropriate in that event, notices are displayed stating so though the assumption should be that it is forbidden. In cases where there is explicit permission you must:- Only take photos or use social media if it doesn’t cause distraction and annoyance to those around you.
      – Only take photos or short film of the event or your party and not other public or people not know to you.
      – Immediately stop any filming or use of a device if asked by a member of the theatre staff or their representatives.
  6. Drinks & food in the auditorium.
    1. The Borough Theatre allows drinks purchased on our premises to be taken into the auditorium as long as they are in provided plastic or carboard containers.
    2. We reserve the right for The House supervisor on behalf of the theatre management, at their discretion, to revoke permission to take drinks into the auditorium or a section of the auditorium at any time.
    3. No drinks or food not purchased on the premises can be taken into the auditorium and the theatre reserves the right to confiscate any contraband items.

5.     Personal Information

    1. When you book tickets at The Borough Theatre, you provide us with some basic personal information in order for us to process your booking and contact you if there are any problems, changes to the arrangements or we need to give you information in order to fulfil our contract with you.
    2. We collect the information from you directly when purchasing tickets in person, or indirectly through our ticket sales website when tickets are purchased online. We also collect this data from you with your consent when you actively join our Emailing lists or friends’ schemes.
    3. Your personal information will be stored on our Box Office & marketing systems. By making a booking you consent to your personal information being stored in accordance with the Data Protection Acts.
    4. It is stored to be used with two intentions:
      1. CONTRACT

        1. The personal information you provide to us to process your booking is held by us in order to:
          1. process and record your payment
          2. to notify you if anything changes in relation to your booking – for example the performance is cancelled or to reissue a lost ticket.
          3. To notify you if there is a problem or cause of concern relating to your attendance at the event.
        2. We will only share this information with your bank in order to process payment, or with anyone else if required to do so by law.
      2. CONSENT
        1. At the time of your booking we will also ask you if you wish to receive information about forthcoming productions and events by joining our news lists or friends’ schemes at the Borough Theatre. We will use this with your consent to:
          1. Keep you informed about forthcoming productions or developments at The Borough Theatre;
          2. by named organisations making use of our box office service to sell tickets for events;
          3. You will be asked which options are acceptable to you.  This will enable us to process your personal information in accordance with your wishes.
          4. We will not share your details with anyone beyond the Borough Theatre for marketing purposes, nor will we pass your information onto third parties except to facilitate our mailing to you.
          5. We will offer you the opportunity to opt out of future mailings at every contact, either by email or by contacting our Box Office on 01873 850 805
    5. Our web sites and our Official Advertisements are controlled, produced and operated by The Borough Theatre from our offices in the United Kingdom. The Borough Theatre makes no representations that the material and information displayed on or accessible via our web site are appropriate or available for use in other Countries outside the UK.
  1. The Borough Theatre processes conform to the Data Protection Act 1998. Our full data protection policy is available here

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