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Jack & The Beans Talk

25 May 2024

Was it a dream or did I hear a talking bean? 

Jack lives on a small farm with his mum and very little to eat. 
He likes to talk to the birds, his cow and anyone who will listen.Imagine his surprise when he swaps his cow for some magic beans and starts to hear a whispering in the breeze and a giant rumble in the sky ... 

Charming and inventive with plenty of interaction, an enormous beanstalk, bags of gold and a smelly old giantJack and the Beans Talk is a cautionary tale about what might happen if you throw things out of the window!
Age Suitability 3 - 8
50 minutes

Ticket Pricing:

Full: £8.50
Child: £8.50

Ticket Pricing:

Full: £8.50
Child: £8.50

Borough Theatre