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Pagliacci / Clowns

21 Nov 2024

In Leoncavallo’s legendary operatic thriller Pagliacci, or Clowns, the leaderof a touring troupe of comedy actors, discovers his wife is having an affairwith another performer.
Before he finds out who it is, he must go on stagein the role of a despairing husband with a cheating wife. Culminating ina terrifying blurring of reality between stage and real life witnessed by aterrified audience and packed with sensational music, Pagliacci retains itscult status as the ultimate operatic ‘play-within-a-play’.The second half of the evening will feature a newly created cabaret ofpopular and entertaining musical items.

Ticket Pricing:

Full: £18.00

Ticket Pricing:

Full: £18.00

Borough Theatre