The Pivotal Pig: 25 Years of British Food through the Eyes of St. JOHN

Sunday 22 September

Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver, the team behind iconic British restaurant, St. JOHN will be discussing their new book, The Book of St John (Ebury Press) celebrating 25 years of cooking and reviving traditional English cuisine with Xanthe Clay.

It is hard to underestimate how much their food and philosophy has changed the face of British food; their new recipe book providing a unique insight into one of the cornerstones of the British restaurant scene.

In 2019 – happily coinciding with the Year of the Pig – St. JOHN and its iconic brand are celebrating 25 years of unforgettable, pioneering food. Appearing ‘in-conversation’ at the Borough Theatre visitors can expect to be regaled with trademark verve, discovering the distinctive spirit of the original pioneers of nose-to-tail cooking.



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