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Friday 9 September

Charles Hawtrey was one of the leading lights of the Carry On film franchise.

Bubbly, energetic and extremely funny Hawtrey was one of the best known comedy actors of the 40s, 50s and 60s but as his career waned so his behaviour became more drunken, promiscuous and eccentric losing him many friends in an age when male homosexuality in Britain was illegal and punishable by a prison sentence.

See him in this one-man show as he regales stories of 50 years in the film industry working with the likes of Alfred Hitchcock and starring in films including The Ghost of St Michael’s, Passport to Pimlico and a total of 21 Carry Ons. Hear of his hilarious run-ins with Kenneth Williams and his disdain of the Carry On producers as well as a complex relationship with his senile mother.

Written by Dave Ainsworth, directed by Peter Doran and performed by Jamie Rees the show received a prestigious Laurel Award at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“A tour-de-force performance by Jamie Rees captures the complex eccentricities of a comedy hero in this affectionate one-man portrait of Carry On star Charles Hawtrey.”  – Chortle

Read the full Scotsman 5* review here

“Rees has a striking resemblance to Hawtrey, and has his impersonation down to perfection… it’s like Rees is channelling the spirit of Hawtrey for the duration of the piece.”

“Oh Hello! is a tour de force of performance and writing. Jamie Rees is extraordinary as Charles Hawtrey” Arts Scene in Wales


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