Mr Darcey Loses The Plot

Saturday 26 November

Award winning comedy duo LipService, makers of Withering Looks and Inspector Norse return with their splendidly silly celebration of Jane Austen.

Jane Austen sits writing, her quill scurrying across the vellum.

She is dreaming up Darcy, a proud, lip curling, handsome creation in very tight pants. But then a door squeaks, a visitor approaches and Jane hastily hides her work. Now left to his own devices, Darcy embroiders his own storyline whilst his creator embroiders her doilies. When Jane returns she finds the plot has moved on and Darcy is dancing to a rather different tune.

LipService explore the world of women writers, scribbling in secret or under pseudonyms, squeezing in their writing amongst the hustle and bustle of taking tea, choosing chintz and the odd attack of the vapours…



(concessions £12)


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