Lightspeed from Pembroke Dock

Wednesday 25 April

Dirty Protest in co-production with Chapter Arts Centre and Torch Theatre

By Mark Williams

Who knew Wales has its very own claim to fame on the Star Wars franchise? Pembrokeshire playwright Mark Williams, along with theatre company Dirty Protest, has now created a new play telling us all about it. Lightspeed From Pembroke Dock is the story of young Star Wars fan Sam, who in 1979 finds out that the Millennium Falcon is being built in his hometown as part of The Empire Strikes Back – with his stepfather helping to build it.

Fast forward to 2014 and Sam finds himself in his 40s, divorced, with a teenage daughter and a career that’s not quite where he wanted it to be. Production of The Force Awakens has just started and the Millennium Falcon is being rebuilt in the same docks; young and idealistic daughter Lizzie takes it upon herself to get her dad a job on the set.

“In 1979, I was too young to be aware of the rumours that the Millennium Falcon was being built on my doorstep,” says Williams of the inspiration behind the play. “Learning about it later, it felt almost too amazing to be true. The thought of actually getting to see it – what that would mean to someone of Sam’s age, and how that might shape his life – was what first inspired Lightspeed.”

Williams also drew inspiration for the play from the Star Wars characters and themes themselves. “It’s two generations of parents and children and both of them being unconventional family units. It’s a theme that I really like, which is also strong in the Star Wars films themselves, different people coming together with a common cause.

Age Guidance: 8+

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government and the National Lottery.

Please Note: This performance also benefits from being Closed Captioned, please contact us for details.


(concessions available)


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