George Egg: DIY Chef

Thursday 13 September

Comedian George Egg (the ‘Anarchist Cook’) is on tour with a brand new show demonstrating live cooking and laugh-out-loud comedy.

In ‘GEORGE EGG: DIY CHEF’ a health scare sees George banned him from the family kitchen, but relocated to the garden shed his imagination and resourcefulness lead him to build an improvised kitchen there instead. During an inspiring and inventive evening of stand-up, live cooking and comedy lecture, George prepares a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner using the most unconventional of methods.

It’s funny, inspiring and absurd in equal measure. Expect power tools, gardening equipment and office supplies to be re-purposed and abused. Expect lots of laughs. Expect to learn something new. And you get to taste the food at the end.

‘Brilliantly Funny’ The Observer (Jay Rayner)


(concessions £12)


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