Asma Khan – A life in Food

Saturday 21 September

Founder of the award-winning Darjeeling Express restaurant, author of Asma’s Indian Kitchen cookbook and the first British chef to feature on Netflix’s cult TV series Chef’s Table, we are thrilled to welcome Asma Khan to Food Festival 2019. In conversation with Telegraph food journalist, Xanthe Clay, Asma will be sharing the story of her life in food.

From leaving her home in India to working as a lawyer in London, to being sick for the sounds, sights and smells of home. Asma invites us to understand how food heals and connects. She will tell how she built a kitchen run by South-East Asian women, women who normally go ‘unseen,’ lifting up a community and welcoming diners into her home-away-from-home restaurant. Asma’s cooking is once again a powerful reminder of the power that food has to bring us together.



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