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The Dime Notes

25 HYD 2024

Blues drenched clarinet-driven 1920’s jazz with London’s hard-swingingvintage jazz band.

The Dime Notes dig back into the blues-drenched sounds of clarinet-driven 1920’sNew Orleans jazz, unearthing a repertoire of stomps, blues, and forgotten gems ofthe era from musicians such as Jelly Roll Morton, Johnny Dodds, and Red Nichols.

Fronted by Chris Barber’s long-time clarinettist David Horniblow, an establishedfigure on the European jazz stage and pianist/composer/ Sam Watts, the bandis anchored by the unstoppable pulse of London’s knockout rhythm section,guitarist Dave Kelbie, accompanist in Evan Christopher’s Django a la Creole,John Etheridge’s Sweet Chorus and bassist Louis Thomas, well known across theinternational scene for his swing and versatility and in demand across many genreboundaries with his huge sound and stylistic versatility.

The Dime Notes present a fresh take on a timeless style, emphasising thepropulsive grooves and sultry melodies which made early jazz revolutionary,controversial, and wildly popular.

Pris Tocyn:

Full: £18.00

Pris Tocyn:

Full: £18.00

Borough Theatre