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Rosie Jones: Triple Threat

03 Chwe 2024

Mae’r sioe hon yn sicr o fod yn llawn haerllugrwydd di-ymddiheuriad, hwyl gwirion a LLAWENYDD pur gan y bygythiad triphlyg ei hun. 
Mae’n fwyaf adnabyddus am ei chyfres deithio lwyddiannus Trip Hazard a Mission: Accessible, ac am ymddangosiadau niferus ar sioeau megis The Last Leg, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Cats Does Countdown, Hypothetical, Mock the Week, The Ranganation a Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back i enwi ond ychydig! 

 ‘Rosie Jones is completely brazen, downright hilarious and will leave you snorting with laughter’★★★★★ (Edinburgh Festivals Magazine) 
‘Rosie embodies pure joy. She packs in the jokes, quick wit and has the audience in the palm of her hand’★★★★★ (Entertainment Focus) 
'...elegantly crafted and mischievous to its bones'★★★★ (Scotsman)
‘Her jokes are beautifully crafted with no beat wasted and punchlines that take you by surprise’★★★★ (iTalkTelly) 

Suitable for ages 14+. Likely to be swearing and adult content. 

*BSL ac/neu isdeitlau ar gael ar gais. Cysylltwch â’r theatr am fwy o wybodaeth*

Pris Tocyn:

Tocynnau: £15.00

Pris Tocyn:

Tocynnau: £15.00

Borough Theatre