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Miles Jupp – On I Bang

25 Ebrill 2024

Ers i daith olaf Miles ddod i ben yn The London Palladium yn 2017, mae wedi bod yn The Full Monty ar Disney Plus, The Durrells a Pam Nad Oedden nhw’n Holi Evans? ar ITV, yn ogystal â thoreth o benodau o New World Order Frankie Boyle ac Have I Got News For You.

He’s made an award-winning radio series and he’s published a novel. But for Covid, he would have played a lead at the RSC. Hey ho. Nevertheless he’s done a play in the West End and played the Emperor of Austria and Europe in a Ridley Scott film.

Yet one sunny day in the middle of all this, he suddenly suffered a brain seizure. This led to the discovery of a tumour the size of a cherry tomato, and a rather pressing need to undergo major neurosurgery.

Obviously, one doesn’t wish to make a big deal of it, but the experience has left him with a story to tell and a few things that he’d like to share with the room. So that’s exactly what he’s doing in his new show On I Bang – a tale about surprise, fear, luck, love and qualified medical practitioners.

Borough Theatre