Friday 13 May

Spike Milligan’s PUCKOON is a Goonish blend of theatrical anarchy, musical wit, and impossible plot. Ireland 1922, and the Ulster Boundary Commission has drawn the new border straight through the small town of Puckoon. With the church separated from its own graveyard and drink now thirty percent cheaper in one corner of the pub, life in the newly divided village will never be the same again.

Based on Spike Milligan’s comic masterpiece, this hilarious and irreverent story takes the mick, celebrates the absurd, and paints a picture of a simple life that borders on the ridiculous.

LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN meets MONTY PYTHON …”  – Belfast Telegraph

“It is easy see why this rumbustious romp of a show has been a huge hit barnstorming around Ireland. The wildly talented company of six actor-musicians attack Spike Milligan’s absurd comic novel with inspired physical gusto…” – ★★★★

Pre-theatre suppers available at The Angel Hotel



Concessions £12


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